Red Seal Examinations

Interprovincial Red Seal examinations are used to determine whether apprentices and experienced tradespersons meet the national standard in a particular Red Seal trade.

How to Register

Follow these steps to register for your Red Seal examination.

Overview of the Red Seal Examination

Learn more about the examination itself: the format, the duration, what you need to pass, and what happens if you don’t.

Get Ready for your Red Seal Exam

Find out how to prepare for your Red Seal examination.

Your Key Study Resources

Find out which are the best key resources to help you prepare for your examination.

Red Seal Sample Examination Questions

Try sample examination questions for your trade.

Exam Counselling Sheets

Find out how your trade’s examination is broken down according to topic.

Ready for your Red Seal Examination?

Check if you are ready to write your Red Seal examination.

Examination Consultations

Find out how you can help with the development of Red Seal examinations.