Preparation Checklist

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your Red Seal examination.

Before the examination:

  • I read the preparation guide Get Ready for your Red Seal Exam.
  • I contacted my provincial or territorial apprenticeship office.
  • I registered to the examination.
  • If I have special needs, I asked for possible accommodations.
  • I checked that the examination is available in the official language of my choice.
  • I checked what material is allowed and forbidden during the exam.
  • I know the date and time of my examination writing.
  • I paid my exam fees.
  • I confirmed the time off with my employer for the examination.
  • I confirmed the location of the examination site and where to park if required.
  • I created my study plan.
  • I have read the Occupational Standard for my trade.
  • I used the Task Profile Chart to determine what I should study first.
  • I checked the Task Matrix and Weightings Chart (RSOS) or the Blocks and Tasks Weighting Chart (NOA)
  • I checked the pie chart or Exam Counselling Sheet.
  • I know the terminology and math formulas (if applicable).
  • I consulted the trade code book the examination is based on (if applicable).
  • I asked for help from my colleagues, employer or instructors, if needed.
  • I self-assessed my essential skills and checked for upgrading if needed.
  • I practiced sample questions.

The day of the examination:

  • I have my confirmation letter.
  • I have my photo ID and all material required.
  • I have dressed appropriately as the examination room may be too warm or too cold.
  • I allowed extra time for any unexpected traffic, parking or transit delays.
  • I arrive early prior to beginning the examination.
  • I eat a light snack and use the washroom just before the examination.
  • I turn my cell phone off and I leave it where required.
  • I did not bring any prohibited items with me to the exam.
  • I breathe deeply and I think positively.