Red Seal Endorsement Seal and Proud Supporter Logo

The Red Seal Endorsement is a seal that is affixed to a provincial or territorial certificate of qualification and indicates that an individual has successfully passed the Interprovincial Red Seal examination and has the knowledge required by their trade’s Red Seal Occupational Standard.

The Red Seal Endorsement indicates only that a tradesperson has passed the Red Seal Exam for a trade.  It does not indicate that a person is certified by a province or territory to carry on any trade.  If you are looking to verify a tradesperson’s certification, or if you would like to request permission to use the Red Seal Endorsement, please contact your provincial or territorial apprenticeship authority.

Show Your Support!

The Red Seal Proud Supporter logos are an excellent way to demonstrate your support for the Red Seal Program.

If you would like to show your support, you are hereby granted permission to use for display purposes the two logos available for download below.  The logos must be used as provided, without modification.  By downloading either or both logos, you agree to these terms.

Download the Red Seal Endorsement Proud Supporter Logo

Download the Red Seal Identity Proud Supporter Logo

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