Update on Harmonization

In early 2014, the CCDA reviewed the individual provincial and territorial apprenticeship training systems and made recommendations on how to harmonize their programs.

The CCDA developed the following recommendations:

  • Use standardized Red Seal trade names (i.e. Ironworker (Generalist) or Mobile Crane Operator instead of half a dozen different terms used across Canada)
  • Agree on the same number of levels to complete apprenticeship training for each trade
  • Coordinate total hours of training (although P/Ts may vary in how many hours are assigned to in classroom versus on-the-job training)
  • Apply consistent sequencing of technical training curriculum (which allows apprentices to move from one region to another without concern that they will need to repeat training)

Consultations have taken place at the national level with positive feedback from national industry and training stakeholders. Provincial and territorial stakeholders will be consulted in January and February 2015. Their feedback will be incorporated into the recommendations. The goal is to have mutual recognition to facilitate movement of apprentices across Canada in these priority occupations.

The alignment of apprenticeship training programs for carpenter, welder, and metal fabricator (fitter) will be implemented in most provinces and territories starting in September 2015. In keeping with industry consultations, it is expected that most jurisdictions will implement apprenticeship harmonization requirements for the next seven trades by January 2016.

It is anticipated that the changes will make it easier for apprentices and skilled tradespersons alike to move to find work and to expand their own skill set by accessing training to qualify for additional related trades without having to repeat introductory classes.

For further details on this initiative, please contact the Red Seal Secretariat.

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