Enhanced Red Seal Standards

As part of the Strengthening the Red Seal initiative launched in 2009, the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA) looked for ways to enhance the Red Seal standards. The result of this initiative was a new format for the standard and a more inclusive development process.

Why a new standard?

The National Occupational Analysis (NOA) has always been the foundation of the Red Seal Program. The NOA served as the base document for developing Red Seal examinations and for building apprenticeship training programs in the provinces and territories. The Strengthening the Red Seal initiative aimed to make the NOA more robust and valuable and to make sure it continues to meet the current and future needs of the Red Seal Program’s stakeholders.

The Red Seal Occupational Standard (RSOS) was introduced in 2015, and is replacing the NOA as standards are updated. The RSOS introduces broader industry participation in the development process, and includes new features that support the development of informational, learning and assessment products that encourage greater consistency in provincial and territorial apprenticeship programs.

Key Features of the Red Seal Occupational Standards

All of the features found in the NOA are included in the RSOS and more! New features include:

New Development Process

The RSOS introduced broader representation of expertise during the development workshop: employers, training deliverers and national standards bodies, in addition to on-the-tools subject matter experts.

This ensures the development of a standard that aligns with leading practices and captures the industry performance expectations for journeypersons.

New Red Seal Products

Once all content of the RSOS standard is complete, elements can be combined in different ways to create a number of informational, learning or assessment products with specific purposes.

The new products include a Trade Profile, a Curriculum Outline, a Logbook, an On-the-job Training Guide, an Essential Skills Outline, an Examination Preparation Guide, and more! Most products can be found on the Red Seal website, once the trade has undergone the RSOS process, or can be requested through your Apprenticeship Authority.

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