Information for Trade Qualifiers

Are you very experienced in your trade, but not certified? You can challenge the Red Seal examination if you meet the experience criteria for your trade. The Red Seal is Canada's standard of excellence for skilled trades. Obtaining a Red Seal endorsement acknowledges a journeyperson's competence and quality workmanship.

Find out what you need to know to take the Red Seal examination.

The Red Seal

The Red Seal is nationally recognized and helps tradespeople obtain good, well-paying jobs across Canada.

Red Seal Trades

Read an overview of your trade and find other key, trade-specific information.

Red Seal Standards

Read the National Occupational Analysis (NOA) for your trade. Find out what you need to know and be able to do to meet the standards for Red Seal endorsement.

Can you Challenge the Examination?

Contact your provincial or territorial apprenticeship and certification authority to find out what work experience you need in order to challenge the Red Seal examination.

Register for the Red Seal Examination

To register for the examination, contact your provincial or territorial apprenticeship and certification authority. Ask about Red Seal workshops when you register.

Essential Skills

Find out what essential skills are and how they can help you be successful in your trade. There are many tools to help you build essential skills like reading and math.

Find a Skilled Trades Job

Visit the Job Bank for information about jobs and the job market across Canada. The Red Seal program is not an employment agency and cannot help you find a job.

Red Seal Endorsement (RSE)

Once you become a qualified skilled journeyperson and have obtained your Red Seal endorsement by passing the Red Seal examination in your chosen trade, you can start using the RSE acronym after your name as an easy way to reflect your qualifications!

Military Trades

You may get advanced standing towards certification in a Red Seal trade if you have a QL5 in certain military trades.

Contact your provincial or territorial apprenticeship authority to guide you through the process of obtaining a Red Seal.

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