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You are a registered apprentice and learning your trade through a combination of on-the-job and in-school training.

Trade Qualifiers

You are experienced in your trade but you have not completed an apprenticeship program and you are not certified as a journeyperson.


You meet the trade certification requirements where you live and hold a Certificate of Qualification or the equivalent. You may also have a Red Seal endorsement.

Foreign Workers

You are an experienced tradesperson and your training and experience were obtained outside of Canada.


You run a business that employs tradespeople.


You are a student considering a career in the trades.

Apprenticeship Training Instructors

You teach or work at an institution that provides in-school training to apprentices.

Teachers, Career Counsellors and Parents

You are a parent, teacher or advisor who is helping someone consider their career options.

Government Administrators

You are a public servant who is involved in apprenticeship and trades certification or the support of tradespersons.


You work in an association or organization with an interest in apprenticeship and the skilled trades.

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