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Red Seal

A Red Seal endorsement is a seal on your provincial or territorial trade certificate. It shows that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to practice your trade across Canada.

To get the Red Seal endorsement, you need to pass the Red Seal exam.

Find a Red Seal Trade

Not all trades are designated Red Seal. Check the list of Red Seal trades to find resources for each trade like occupational standards and Red Seal exam preparation tools.

About the Red Seal exam

Exam Overview and Preparation

Learn about the exam format and how you should prepare for it.

How to register for the Red Seal exam

Follow these steps to register for your Red Seal examination

About the Red Seal Program and the CCDA

Red Seal Program

What is the Red Seal Program, using the Red Seal logos, and the RSE professional acronym.

Occupational standards

What are occupational standards for the Red Seal trades?

Designate a new Red Seal trade

The criteria and step-by-step process on how to have a trade considered for Red Seal designation.

Standards and exam consultations

Help develop Red Seal Occupational Standards and Red Seal Exams.

Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship

The group that administers the Red Seal Program, CCDA Strategic Directions, CCDA's Awards.