Hairstylist - Red Seal Exam Breakdown

A Red Seal exam is based on the Red Seal Occupational Standard for the trade. The standard describes the skills and knowledge required to perform the duties of the trade. Each standard is divided into Major Work Activities, which are divided into Tasks, which are divided into sub-tasks.

The Red Seal exam has a certain number of questions assigned to these sections. The number of questions are provided below. For more information, see the full Red Seal Occupational Standard, and Self-Assessment Guide (PDF, 510 KB) for this trade.

Total number of questions on Red Seal exam - 120 questions

Major Work Activity A - Performs common occupational skills - 14 questions

Task A-1 Performs safety-related and hygienic functions
4 questions
Task A-2 Uses tools and equipment
4 questions
Task A-3 Prepares for client services
3 questions
Task A-4 Uses communication and mentoring techniques
3 questions

Major Work Activity B - Performs hair and scalp care - 11 questions

Task B-5 Analyzes and responds to hair and scalp conditions
6 questions
Task B-6 Shampoos and conditions hair and scalp
5 questions

Major Work Activity C – Cuts hair - 24 questions

Task C-7 Cuts diverse textures of hair using cutting tools
19 questions
Task C-8 Cuts facial and nape hair
5 questions

Major Work Activity D – Styles hair - 16 questions

Task D-9 Prepares and styles wet hair
8 questions
Task D-10 Styles and finishes dry hair
8 questions

Major Work Activity E – Performs chemical texture services on hair - 17 questions

Task E-11 Chemically waves hair
10 questions
Task E-12 Chemically relaxes hair
7 questions

Major Work Activity F – Alters hair colour - 25 questions

Task F-13 Colours hair
9 questions
Task F-14 Lightens hair
7 questions
Task F-15 Performs colour correction
9 questions

Major Work Activity G – Performs specialized services - 6 questions

Task G-16 Performs services for hair extensions, wigs and hairpieces
4 questions
Task G-17 Performs basic services on the face and nape
2 questions

Major Work Activity H – Performs salon operations - 7 questions

Task H-18 Performs front desk responsibilities
4 questions
Task H-19 Establishes business fundamentals
3 questions

For more information about exam preparation materials (textbooks, modules, etc.) contact your provincial/territorial apprenticeship office.

*Number of questions assigned are derived from the input from people in this trade from across Canada.