Tower Crane Operator - Red Seal Exam Breakdown

A Red Seal exam is based on the standard, called the National Occupational Analysis for the trade. The standard describes the skills and knowledge required to perform the duties of the trade. Each standard is divided into Blocks, which are divided into Tasks, which are divided into sub-tasks.

The Red Seal exam has a certain number of questions assigned to these sections. The number of questions are provided below.

For more information, see the full National Occupational Analysis and Self-Assessment Guide (PDF, 719 KB) for this trade. Also, check out this trade’s Sample Questions.

Total number of questions on Red Seal exam - 100 questions

Block A - Common occupational skills - 13 questions

Task 1 Performs safety-related functions
7 questions
Task 2 Contributes to workplace organization
6 questions

Block B - Crane inspection and maintenance - 20 questions

Task 3 Performs pre-operational checks and regular inspections
10 questions
Task 4 Performs continual checks
7 questions
Task 5 Performs minor crane maintenance
3 questions

Block C - Crane set-up, hoisting calculations and lift planning - 21 questions

Task 6 Participates in tower crane assembly, disassembly and transportation
9 questions
Task 7 Plans lifts
12 questions

Block D - Rigging - 14 questions

Task 8 Inspects and maintains rigging equipment
5 questions
Task 9 Manages rigging
9 questions

Block E - Crane operations - 32 questions

Task 10 Performs pre-lift (warm-up) activities
6 questions
Task 11 Operates tower cranes
12 questions
Task 12 Climbs (raises) tower cranes
5 questions
Task 13 Performs specialty tower crane operations
5 questions
Task 14 Shuts down and secures tower cranes
4 questions

For more information about exam preparation materials (textbooks, modules, etc.) contact your provincial/territorial apprenticeship office.

*Number of questions assigned are derived from the input from people in this trade from across Canada.