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This tool can be used to reflect on your own experience and knowledge in the trade compared with what is on the exam.

Exam Breakdown

Each Red Seal exam's questions are developed to assess the activities laid out in the National Occupational Analysis. This trade's Red Seal exam has 150 questions Footnote *, which are distributed as follows:

Block A – Common Occupational Skills - 24 questions
Task 1 - Performs safety and sanitation related functions
7 questions
Task 2 - Organizes work
4 questions
Task 3 - Manages products and information
7 questions
Task 4 - Applies food science
6 questions
Block B – Fermented Goods - 33 questions
Task 5 - Prepares dough
8 questions
Task 6 - Forms dough
13 questions
Task 7 - Finishes fermented goods
12 questions
Block C – Cookies, Bars, Cakes, Pastry and Quick Breads - 37 questions
Task 8 - Prepares cookies and bars
10 questions
Task 9 - Prepares quick breads
7 questions
Task 10 - Prepares pastry doughs
10 questions
Task 11 - Prepares cakes
10 questions
Block D – Assembly and Finishing - 28 questions
Task 12 - Prepares creams, custards, fillings, decorating pastes and icings
10 questions
Task 13 - Prepares sauces, glazes and garnishes
4 questions
Task 14 - Prepares cakes, pastries and other baked goods for decorating
8 questions
Task 15 - Finishes and decorates baked goods
6 questions
Block E – Chocolate and Confections - 16 questions
Task 16 - Prepares chocolate
9 questions
Task 17 - Prepares confections
7 questions
Block F – Desserts, Ice Creams and Ices - 12 questions
Task 18 - Prepares plated desserts
4 questions
Task 19 - Prepares ice creams and ices
4 questions
Task 20 - Prepares frozen desserts
4 questions

Types of Exam Questions

All Red Seal exam questions are written in multiple-choice format. A multiple-choice question consists of question followed by four possible responses (A, B, C, D). Every question has exactly one correct answer and three incorrect options. They are not misleading or trick questions, but the incorrect options are not always obvious.

There are three types of questions that you will see on Red Seal Exams:

  • Knowledge and Recall
  • Procedural and Application
  • Critical Thinking

Knowledge and Recall

This type of question tests your ability to recall and understand definitions, facts and principles.

For this trade, between 20 and 30% of questions that are this type.

Example of a Knowledge and Recall Question:

What ensures an optimal sweet yeast dough product?

  1. Using eggs and butter.
  2. Increasing proofing time.
  3. Decreasing eggs.
  4. Using a blend of roll-in fat and butter.

Answer: A

Procedural and Application

This type of question tests your ability to apply your knowledge of procedures to a situation.

For this trade, between 55 and 65% of questions are this type.

Example of a Procedural and Application Question:

50 special occasion cakes are to be decorated in two hours. Which techniques are required to meet the time deadline?

  1. Ice and cover with rolled fondant and decorate with marzipan roses.
  2. Basket weave entire cake with fresh chocolate dipped strawberries.
  3. Cornell lace on sides of cake with beaded borders and fresh flowers.
  4. Comb sides of cakes with shell border and decorate with pre-made sugar flowers.

Answer: D

Critical Thinking

This type of question tests  your ability to interpret data, solve problems and arrive at valid conclusions.

For this trade, between 15 and 25% of questions are this type.

Example of a Critical Thinking Question:

What causes shortbread to spread?

  1. Under mixing.
  2. Too much flour.
  3. Not enough flour.
  4. Too much oven heat.

Answer: C

Try more sample questions for this trade and check out the Exam Preparation Guide. It will give you practical insights on what goes into Red Seal exams, and how you can best prepare yourself to do well.

For more information about exam preparation materials contact your provincial/territorial apprenticeship office.