Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) - Red Seal Self-Assessment and Exam Breakdown


This tool can be used to reflect on your own experience and knowledge in the trade compared with what is on the exam.

Exam Breakdown

Each Red Seal exam's questions are developed to assess the activities laid out in in the Red Seal Occupational Standard. This trade's Red Seal exam has 135 questions Footnote *, which are distributed as follows:

Major Work Activity A - Performs common occupational skills - 25 questions
Task A-1 Performs safety-related functions
4 questions
Task A-2 Uses tools and equipment
5 questions
Task A-3 Performs routine trade tasks
7 questions
Task A-4 Uses communication and mentoring techniques
3 questions
Task A-5 Performs measuring and layout
4 questions
Task A-6 Performs cutting and welding operations
2 questions
Major Work Activity B - Performs rigging, hoisting/lifting and moving - 17 questions
Task B-7 Plans rigging, hoisting/lifting and moving
8 questions
Task B-8 Rigs, hoists/lifts and moves load
9 questions
Major Work Activity C - Services mechanical power transmission components and systems - 32 questions
Task C-9 Services prime movers
5 questions
Task C-10 Services shafts, bearings and seals
6 questions
Task C-11 Services couplings, clutches and brakes
5 questions
Task C-12 Services chain and belt drive systems
5 questions
Task C-13 Services gear systems
5 questions
Task C-14 Performs shaft alignment procedures
6 questions
Major Work Activity D - Services material handling / process systems - 24 questions
Task D-15 Services robotics and automated equipment
1 questions
Task D-16 Services fans and blowers
4 questions
Task D-17 Services pumps
5 questions
Task D-18 Services compressors
5 questions
Task D-19 Services process piping, tanks and containers
4 questions
Task D-20 Services conveying systems
5 questions
Major Work Activity E - Services fluid power systems - 21 questions
Task E-21 Services hydraulic systems
12 questions
Task E-22 Services pneumatic and vacuum systems
9 questions
Major Work Activity F - Performs preventative and predictive maintenance, commissioning and decommissioning - 16 questions
Task F-23 Performs preventative and predictive maintenance
11 questions
Task F-24 Commissions and decommissions equipment
5 questions

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