The Harmonization Initiative Footnote * was launched in 2013 to substantively align apprenticeship systems across Canada by making training requirements more consistent in the Red Seal trades. Harmonization aims to improve the mobility of apprentices, support an increase in their completion rates and enable employers to access a larger pool of apprentices.

As part of this work, the Canadian Council of the Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA) identified four main harmonization priorities in consultation with industry and training stakeholders:

How is Harmonization Progressing?

Harmonization is being carried out in phases, with certain trades targeted each year. At the outset, the initiative prioritized the Red Seal trades that have a high volume of apprentices registered in training to maximize benefits. This helped to achieve harmonization in programs for over 90% of apprentices (outside Quebec) by 2020.

There have been many changes to how harmonization is being achieved. To create greater consistency and efficiencies, discussions about harmonization are held alongside the development of trade’s RSOS. This helps to maintain consistency in programs and ensures that over time, all Red Seal trades’ apprenticeship programs will be harmonized.

The trades, divided by phases and target dates, are listed below.

Phase 1 (target for implementation - September 2016):

Phase 2 (target for implementation - September 2017):

Phase 3 (target for implementation - September 2018):

Phase 4 (target for implementation - September 2019):

Phase 5 (target for implementation - September 2020):

Phase 6 (target for implementation - September 2021):

Phase 7 (target for implementation - September 2022):

Phase 8 (target for implementation - September 2023):

Phase 9 (target for implementation - September 2024):

How can I get involved?

A consensus-based approach is used to reach agreement on decisions related to harmonization based on consultations with industry and training representatives.

The process to harmonize a trade requires the engagement of industry experts from jurisdictions across Canada who participate in pan-Canadian consultations to discuss their requirements, explain their apprenticeship systems, and better understand the differences in training between jurisdictions. The process ensures a high quality of training is maintained.

Consultations are coordinated by provincial/territorial apprenticeship authorities.

You can express your interest to take part in harmonization consultations by contacting your apprenticeship authority at http://www.red-seal.ca/contact/c.4nt.1ct-eng.html.

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