Rig Technician

Drilling is an important phase of oil exploration and extraction in Canada. Drilling is one of the methods used to access hydrocarbon formations. Rig technicians work on drilling rigs and other specialized equipment to drill holes to retrieve these hydrocarbons.

NOC: 8232

Designation Year: 2006

Designated Red Seal in: AB, BC, MB, NL, NS, NT, PE, SK
Trade title: Rig Technician, in AB, BC, MB, NL, NS, NT, PE, SK
Other titles used in provinces/territories: Rig Technician – Driller (Level 3) (SK), Rig Technician 3 (NT)

Occupational Standard for current exams

View the most recent standard. This is the complete description of the activities of the Rig Technician trade. It is used as the basis for the Red Seal exams for this trade.

Essential Skills

Discover the essential skills rig technicians need to succeed in their trade.

Job Market Reports

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Study for the Red Seal Examination

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Sample Questions

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Exam Counselling Sheet

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Ellis Chart

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