Interprovincial Program Guides (IPG)

Interprovincial Program Guides, often referred to as IPGs, define the minimum content of the technical training for a Red Seal trade. These guides are developed using the National Occupational Analysis (NOA), technical training documents from the provinces and territories, and extensive industry consultation. Interprovincial Program Guides contain technical training outcomes, based upon those sub-tasks identified as common core in the NOA, and help to harmonize provincial and territorial in-school training.

The Red Seal Occupational Standards (RSOS) is replacing the National Occupational Analyses (NOA) and Interprovincial Program Guides (IPG) while preserving and expanding on their content to better reflect industry needs and expectations. Therefore, as RSOS are developed, IPGs will no longer be necessary as the technical training outcomes and other information they contain will be included in the new occupational standards. The RSOS has the capacity to generate different ‘fit for purpose’ products such as a Curriculum Outline and On-the-Job Training Guide to support both in-class and on-the-job training.

To find out when your trade’s standard will be updated to an RSOS, register for the Red Seal e-blast.

Until RSOS are developed for all Red Seal trades, the IPGs will continue to be available on the Red Seal website.

Who Are They For?


Interprovincial Program Guides are used to support the development of apprenticeship curricula and training plans.

Each guide:

Learning activities, delivery materials and teaching format are at the discretion of the provincial and territorial apprenticeship authorities.

Guides Available

To find out if your trade has an Interprovincial Program Guide, please visit the following page:

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