e-Blast: July 2017

The CCDA’s Annual Review

July 18, 2017

The CCDA is pleased to share the 2016 Annual Review of the Red Seal Program. The annual review includes information on Red Seal statistics, Registered Apprenticeship Information System (RAIS) findings, Red Seal standards and exam development as well as the CCDA’s Harmonization Initiative. In the 2016 calendar year, there were 28,718 Red Seal endorsements issued across Canada. The top five trades were: construction electrician, automotive service technician, welder, truck and transport mechanic and plumber.

The Harmonization Initiative, a top priority for the CCDA, is now in its third year. Strong momentum and collaboration with industry has resulted in excellent progress on the initiative. Harmonized training has been implemented for nine trades in September 2016 and the CCDA is on track to harmonize training for two-thirds of Red Seal apprentices by 2017*.

Industry partners continue to be engaged in enhancements to the Red Seal Program. There is significant involvement from industry and apprenticeship training stakeholders in the development of new Red Seal Occupational Standards. These new standards (replacing the National Occupational Analyses) are being rolled out for Red Seal trades and are intended to foster greater consistency in training and certification of Red Seal tradespeople across Canada.

Click on the link to consult the 2016 Annual Review of the Red Seal Program

*The Government of Quebec is participating as an observer.
*In Ontario, consultations with industry partners on harmonization are led by the Ontario College of Trades. Ontario remains supportive of Harmonization and endorses any effort that enhances the quality of apprenticeship and mobility of apprentices. However, it is unable to commit to implementation of specific harmonization elements or timelines.

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New CCDA Strategic Priorities (2017-2022)

July 28, 2017

The Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA) is pleased to announce its strategic priorities for 2017-22. These priorities are:

  1. Continue progress on harmonization of Red Seal trades;
  2. Implement enhanced standards and introduce efficiencies in product development;
  3. Improve the knowledge-base on apprenticeship; and
  4. Strengthen the CCDA’s leadership role.

The CCDA’s new strategic priorities will cover a three to five-year time horizon. More information on the CCDA Strategic Priorities 2017-2022 is available on the Red Seal website.

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