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Red Seal Program

The Red Seal is the national standard of excellence for the skilled trades in Canada. The Red Seal collaborates with industry and tradespeople to help ensure high standards, qualified workers and quality work.

Red Seal Trades

Read overviews of the 56 Red Seal trades and find other key, trade-specific information.

Red Seal Standards

The National Occupational Analyses (NOA) set the standard for each Red Seal trade. NOA are continuously updated to maintain their accuracy and relevance.

Designation Criteria

Find out the criteria and steps for designating a new Red Seal trade.

In-School Training

Interprovincial Program Guides (IPG) set out the minimum content for technical training in Red Seal Trades

Apprentice Training Programs

The Ellis Chart provides detailed comparative data on all designated trades in Canada, including Red Seal trades.

Publications and Reports

All plans, research reports, NOA, IPG and other Red Seal publications can be found in this section.

Awards and Recognition

Nominate an individual from industry in Canada for outstanding achievement in the development and promotion of apprenticeship training in Canada.

Apprenticeship Authorities

Each province and territory is responsible for apprenticeship training and trade certification within their jurisdiction. This includes the administration of the Red Seal examinations and other certification examinations in their jurisdiction.

Red Seal Endorsement (RSE)

The RSE acronym can only be used by journeypersons who have obtained a Red Seal endorsement on their provincial or territorial Certificate of Qualification and Apprenticeship. Journeypersons without a Red Seal endorsement are not eligible to use this acronym.

Red Seal Secretariat

The Red Seal Secretariat coordinates the Red Seal program and supports the activities of the CCDA.

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