Interprovincial Red Seal Examinations

Interprovincial (IP) Red Seal examinations are used to determine whether apprentices and experienced tradespersons meet the national standard in a particular Red Seal trade. Eligibility for writing an exam is determined by each province/territory apprenticeship authority.

If you are interested in writing the Red Seal exam, you must contact your provincial or territorial department responsible for apprenticeship training. They will verify if you are eligible to write the exam and tell you how to register for an exam session.

You will find FAQs, tips and techniques on how to study for and write the Red Seal exam in the Preparation Guide (HTML/PDF).

For the exam breakdown by subject area and for exam practice questions for each trade, choose your Red Seal trade below.

Please note that some of the Red Seal trade names may have changed in recent years and may be different than the trade name in your province/territory. A list of provincial/territorial trade names for Red Seal trades can be found in the Ellis Chart.

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