CCDA Strategic Priorities (2017-2022)

The CCDA has successfully pioneered the harmonization of apprenticeship technical training while applying innovations to its core work of enhancing standards and assessment to reflect the most recent industry advancements. Over the next 3-5 years, the CCDA will build on its culture of innovation, cooperation and collaboration to seize more opportunities across key priorities to better align and foster apprenticeship systems that meet the diverse needs of industry in each jurisdiction.

The strategic priorities are:

Continue progress on harmonization of Red Seal trades

  • Harmonize apprenticeship training for 30 Red Seal trades by 2020 in most jurisdictions, including two-thirds of Red Seal apprentices by 2017 (outside Quebec)*.
  • Explore harmonization of trade qualifier requirements across the country.

Implement enhanced standards and introduce efficiencies in product development

  • Continue implementation of Red Seal Occupational Standards (RSOS).
  • Test and implement new and innovative approaches in Red Seal product development and maintenance.
  • Continue to explore/introduce cost effective measures to prevent and mitigate examination compromises, including online examinations to assess tradespeople.

Improve the knowledge-base on apprenticeship

  • Compile and share promising practices in apprenticeship training and delivery, including those to address particular barriers faced by key groups (women, Indigenous people, youth).
  • Enhance labour market information (LMI) on apprenticeship, including information on mobility, perceptions of the trades and other key LMI-related issues.
  • Identify opportunities to work with partners on mutual priorities to address policy issues and position the CCDA to respond to emerging trends.

Strengthen the CCDA’s leadership role

  • Increase the visibility of the CCDA and demonstrate its leadership role in apprenticeship.

*Quebec is an observer on this initiative

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