Red Seal Program

The Red Seal Program is the Canadian standard of excellence for skilled trades. Formally known as the Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program, it sets common standards to assess the skills of tradespersons across Canada. Tradespersons who meet the Red Seal standards receive a Red Seal endorsement on their provincial/territorial trade certificates.

The Program was created following the first National Conference on Apprenticeship in Trades and Industries, which was held Ottawa in 1952. Participants recommended that the provinces and territories ask the federal government to work with their apprenticeship committees and officials to prepare analyses of skilled trades.

Over the years, the program has evolved. Today, it is a forum for interjurisdictional collaboration in support of developing a certified, highly skilled and mobile trades workforce in Canada.

There are currently 56 designated Red Seal trades.

Our Mission

  • To harmonize provincial/territorial processes and requirements for skilled trades training certification and standards
  • To develop and maintain interprovincial standards for Red Seal trades
  • To facilitate collaboration with industry to build a skilled trades labour force
  • To increase the mobility of skilled tradespersons in Canada

Our Values


The Red Seal is the national standard of excellence for skilled trades in Canada.


Employers and consumers can be confident that the Red Seal tradespeople they hire are skilled and knowledgeable.


The Red Seal is evidence that a tradesperson has met the standard to do his/her job.


The Red Seal endorsement is widely recognized and respected by the trades industry across Canada and internationally.

Career Advantage

The Red Seal endorsement is an employment advantage that opens doors to job opportunities.


The Red Seal makes it easier for tradespeople to have their skills recognized across Canada.

Who Administers the Program?

The Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA) is responsible for the Red Seal Program. Each province and territory has an appointed Director of Apprenticeship for this purpose.

Provincial and territorial apprenticeship and certification authorities administer Red Seal exams in their jurisdictions.

Employment and Social Development Canada sponsors a Red Seal Secretariat to support the program.

Maintaining a High Standard

The Red Seal Program is being continuously improved. In this way, Red Seal standards remain rigorous, relevant to industry and labour market demands and respected nationally and globally.

Find out more about current Red Seal initiatives.

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